Satellite TV hex files for Funcards, Goldcards

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Dear Malclm Clif,

I saw your site about Satellite TV hex files for Funcards and Goldcards.

 <A HREF="">Click here: Satellite TV hex files for Funcards, Goldcards</A> 

Is there a hex card for anoluge Viddeocipher II RS descrambler module?
I's similar like DSS, DTV or DishNetwork receivers that has a card slot
to insert a access card, but it's the same way with the analogue 
Videocipher II RS descrambler module, which also has a card slot
to insert some kind of access card. 

Videocipher II RS ( Renewable Security ) descrambler module is 
to use to descramble analogue C-band satellite channels that are

My understanding is an order to access from the VCII RS descrambler
module is to have to have a TV pass card, like a credit card? With
Renewable Security programer to program the descrambler bord,
and that has PN numbers to access from.   Although, the descrambler
module I have does provide the PN number on it. 

Do you have any Hex card for Videocipher II technology?  If not,
who would you suggest to refer me to that has such Hex card
for VCIIRS descrambler module??

Hope my inquiry helps for answers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry.
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