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Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon Aug 9 03:35:36 GMT 2004

Date:	Mon Aug  9 03:35:35 2004
Author:	wayned

Update of /data/cvs/rsync/patches
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- Changed the way that daemon excludes get anchored to the module dir
  to use the new "dirbuf" (setting it through a new accessor function)
  and a new XFLG_ABS_PATH flag.
- Made anchored rules read in from a per-dir merge file relative to
  the merge file's directory.  This makes it possible to set each rule
  to either be "inherited" or not based on if it is anchored.
- Got rid of the -i (inherited) option for merge files.
- Set a MATCHFLG_FINISH_SETUP flag on each per-dir merge file instead
  of using a high-water "initialized_mergelist_cnt" index.
- Make sure that any merge file that starts with a dash does not get
  its name interpreted as an option when sent over the socket.

merge-exclude-file.diff		1.32 => 1.33

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