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Thu Jan 9 19:04:06 GMT 2003

Date:	Thu Jan  9 19:04:06 2003
Author:	dwd

Update of /data/cvs/rsync
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Modified Files:
	NEWS main.c 
Log Message:
Fixed bug that caused rsync to lose exit status of its child processes.
Based on patch submited by David R. Staples.  Todd Vander Does contributed
the following test which showed the problem:
  > mkdir /tmp/nowrite
  > chmod -w /tmp/nowrite
  > rsync /etc/group /tmp/nowrite || echo $status
  mkstemp .group.cUaaeY failed
  rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(518)
  > rsync -e ssh loki:/etc/group /tmp/nowrite || echo $status
  mkstemp .group.1rayeY failed
  > rsync -e ssh loki:/etc/group /tmp/nowrite && echo $status
  mkstemp .group.fbaGiY failed
The remote copy should have returned non-zero exit code like the local copy.

NEWS		1.79 => 1.80
main.c		1.156 => 1.157

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