CVS update: rsync

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Aug 29 08:13:28 GMT 2001

Date:	Wed Aug 29 01:13:27 2001
Author:	mbp

Update of /data/cvs/rsync
In directory va:/tmp/cvs-serv21180

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More test case work: 

 * make sure to build rsync before running 'make check'

 * Put back in the loglevel concept from the samba scripts.  If >8,
   then turn on shell tracing.

 * Allow tests to return 77 if they want to count as 'skipped'.

 * Add more docs.

 * Mangle Phil's script to get ready to run on non-Linux systems: we
   need to not use shell functions, cp -a, etc.  Not there yet.

Revisions:		1.1 => 1.2		1.51 => 1.52

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