[rsync-announce] Rsync 3.0.5pre2 released

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Sat Nov 15 23:26:55 GMT 2008

Rsync version 3.0.5pre2 is now available for release testing.  This is
a bug-fix release.

I hope this is the final pre-release for 3.0.5, so please test this new
release and send email to the rsync mailing list with any questions,
comments, or bug reports.

The changes since 3.0.5pre1:

- Fixed the use of a dot-dir path (e.g. foo/./bar) inside a --files-from
  file when the root of the transfer isn't the current directory.

- Fixed a bug with "-K --delete" removing symlinks to directories when
  incremental recursion is active.

- Fixed a hard to trigger hang when using --remove-source-files.

- Fixed reverse lookups in the compatibility-library version of

- Fixed a bug when using --sparse on a sparse file that has over 2GB of
  consecutive sparse data.

- Got rid of a bunch of "warn_unused_result" compiler warnings.

- If an ftruncate() on a received file fails, it now causes a partial-
  transfer warning.

- A couple manpage improvements.

- Allow a path with a leading "//" to be preserved (CYGWIN only).

To see a full summary of the changes since 3.0.4, visit this link:


You can download the source tar file and its signature from here:


The patches directory is now in a separate tar file (for those that want
one or more of the patches):


See the rsync website for other download methods, including diffs, etc.:


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