[rsync-announce] Rsync 3.0.0pre10 released

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Wed Feb 20 03:03:07 GMT 2008

I've just released rsync 3.0.0pre10.  I incorporated the latest daemon
security fixes, and decided to include a few more minor bug fixes as
well. If all goes well, this should be released as 3.0.0 final sometime
next week.

Please help to test it to ensure that we're ready to go!  Send email to
the rsync mailing list with your questions, comments, bug reports, etc.

You can download the source tar file and its signature from here:


The patches directory was released in a separate tar file:


The following changes were made since pre9 was released:

 - Added the daemon option "numeric ids" to make writable rsync daemons
   safer by default.

 - Added a way to specify an inner-chroot path for an rsync daemon.
   This can make some operations safer (e.g. dynamic library loading).

 - Added the "charset" daemon option that allows a client to use the
   --iconv option w/o the daemon needing any iconv libraries in a chroot

 - We properly itemize the 't' (time) difference for symlinks if the
   receiver can set the modification time on a symlink.

 - Fixed a bug with the itemized output for 'p' (perms).

 - Got rid of some duplicated extra-verbose messages for certain
   directory operations.

 - Padded the "*deleting" itemized output for better alignment.

 - A daemon no longer logs files as received if the transfer was run
   with --only-write-batch.

 - Improved Makefile changes for reconfigure and distclean.

To see a full summary of the changes since 2.6.9, visit this link:


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