[rsync-announce] Rsync 2.6.7pre2 released

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Sun Feb 19 18:04:21 GMT 2006

I've just released rsync 2.6.7pre2 -- the second pre-release version of
the imminent 2.6.7 release.  Please test this out and email the rsync
mailing list with any questions, comments, bug reports, etc.  Thanks!

You can download the tar file and its signature from here:


The NEWS file that summarizes all changes since 2.6.6 is here:


The differences between pre1 and pre2 two are as follows:

 - Some documentation improvements.

 - The diffs in the patches dir no longer include changes to files in
   the autom4te.cache dir.

 - The --remove-sent-files option now tries to avoid clumping up all the
   server-side deletions at the end of the transfer.  It does this by
   limiting how far ahead of the receiver the generator will generate
   new requests (based on both file count and pending file size).  (This
   is not active if --delay-updates was also specified.)

 - Rsync now ignores a SIGXFSZ signal so that, on systems that use this
   signal, rsync doesn't get killed when trying to write out a file that
   exceeds a ulimit, and can thus properly clean up and exit with an

 - Added a couple of my release scripts into the packaging dir.

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