[rsync-announce] Rsync 2.6.5pre2 released

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Thu May 19 22:13:13 GMT 2005

I have released rsync version 2.6.5pre2 -- the second (and hopefully final)
pre-release for 2.6.5. The 2.6.5 release is primarily a bug-fix release to
squash some annoying bugs that made it into 2.6.4, though a few minor
enhancements did make it in as well.

To see all the changes since 2.6.4, go here:


To read the pre-release man pages:


The changes since 2.5.6pre1 are:

    - Improved the keep-alive code (when a timeout is in effect) to
      handle a long silence between the sender and the receiver that can
      occur when the sender is receiving the checksum data for a large

    - If a source filename ends with the name "..", treat it like "../"
      had been specified (so that we don't copy files to the parent dir
      of the destination).

    - If --delete is combined with a file-listing rsync command (i.e. no
      transfer is happening), avoid outputting a warning that we
      couldn't delete anything.

    - If --stats is specified with --delete-after, ensure that all the
      "deleting" messages are output before the statistics.

    - Improved one "if" in the deletion code that was only checking
      errno for ENOTEMPTY when it should have also been checking for

You can grab the tar file and its signature from here:


Or the diffs:


Please give it a try and send feedback!  Thanks!

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