[rsync-announce] Rsync 2.6.4pre3 released

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Wed Mar 16 03:10:21 GMT 2005

I've released rsync 2.6.4pre3.  I'm hoping that this will be pretty
close to the final version for 2.6.4, so please beat on this and let me
know if anything weird turns up!

IMPORTANT: protocol 29 was revised in pre3 to be incompatible with pre1
and pre2, so be sure to update all your pre-release versions at the same
time.  Rsync has code in it to detect that it is talking to an older
pre-release, so you should see an appropriate error if you try to mix
incompatible versions.  If upgrading the older pre-release version is
not possible, use the --protocol=28 option to make the programs fall-
back to a protocol they have in common (this is suggested in the error
message that is output).

All the changes since 2.6.3 are here:


The changes since 2.6.4pre2 are as follows:

    - Some protocol changes were made: (1) simplified the data flow for
      the generator's reporting of its basis-file choice to the receiver
      (because simplified data flow makes deadlock prevention easier);
      (2) made hard-linking be reported via the itemized log output; and
      (3) added an extra "phase" at the end of the transfer for the
      --delay-updates processing so that it can itemize any delayed
      hard-links.  (These changes make protocol 29 incompatible with
      earlier pre-releases, as mentioned in the "Important" note above.)

    - Another change for hard-links: a cluster of hard-linked files is
      now dealt with as soon as possible, either when we complete the
      update of one file in the cluster, or we find an unchanged file in
      the cluster (the old code used to do all hard-linking at the end
      of the transfer).

    - When --max-delete=N is specified and we attempted to overflow this
      value, we now warn at the end of the transfer and exit with error
      code 25.  If you want to know about too-many deletions prior to
      doing any deletes, do a check run with --dry-run first.

    - Fixed a potential protocol-corrupting bug in the data sent from
      the generator to the receiver (this doesn't seem to have been easy
      to trigger, though).

    - Fixed a slowdown in the name-sorting code.

    - When '%i' outputs a deletion, it uses the string "*deleting" (with
      the leading '*' being new).  Also a few other minor changes to the
      itemized output, including adding an extra character for future
      code to be able to report when an ACL/extended-attribute changes.
      (See the man page for full details.)

    - Fixed a glitch in the --progress output when transferring zero-
      length files.

    - Fixed the over-reporting of changes to a write-protected

    - The --copy-dest option has made a comeback into CVS now that its
      algorithm has been improved to work just like a --link-dest with
      copies instead of hard links (an earlier version of the code did a
      less efficient transfer of unchanged files from the --copy-dest

You can grab the tar file and its signature here:


Please give it a try and send feedback!  Thanks!

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