[rsync-announce] Rsync 2.6.4pre2 released

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Tue Mar 1 06:56:05 GMT 2005

I've released rsync 2.6.4pre2.  It was a little sooner than expected,
but I wanted to get the new keep-alive packets out for testing.  Plus,
one backward-compatibility bug had the potential to be rather annoying.

The changes since 2.6.3 are here:


The changes since 2.6.4pre1 are as follows:

    - Added a keep-alive packet that the generator can send to the
      sender when a --timeout is in effect and no output is ready to go
      over the socket (e.g. deletions are happening or we're still
      searching for a changed file).
    - Added support for a literal IPv6 address enclosed in '[' and ']'
      to the HOST:PATH and HOST::PATH arg formats (the
      rsync://HOST:PORT/PATH format was already covered).
    - Fixed a bug in the sending of an include to an older version of
    - Fixed a bug where a file getting resent in the same transfer with
      --backup and --inplace enabled would get backed up twice.
    - Some other minor changes and documentation improvements. 

You can grab the tar file and its signature here:


Please do try this out and send feedback!  Thanks!

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