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Thu Jan 1 12:36:08 GMT 2004

I've released version 2.6.0 of rsync.  Two important things to note
in the new release:

    1. The default remote shell is now "ssh" unless you tell
       the configure you want to use something else.

    2. Some bug fixes in the include/exclude code, while making
       things work properly, have resulted in some user-visible
       changes for certain wildcard strings. Read the BUG FIXES
       below to see if any of these changes apply to you. 

Download links:



Here is the "NEWS" file for the release:

NEWS for rsync 2.6.0 (1 Jan 2004)
Protocol: 27 (changed)
Changes since 2.5.7:


    * "ssh" is now the default remote shell for rsync.  If you want to
      change this, configure like this:  "./configure --with-rsh=rsh".

    * Added --files-from, --no-relative, --no-implied-dirs, and --from0.
      Note that --from0 affects the line-ending character for all the
      files read by the --*-from options. (Wayne Davison)

    * Length of csum2 is now per-file starting with protocol version
      27. (J.W. Schultz)

    * Per-file dynamic block size is now sqrt(file length).  The
      per-file checksum size is determined according to an algorithm
      provided by Donovan Baarda which reduces the probability of rsync
      algorithm corrupting data and falling back using the whole md4
      checksums. (J.W. Schultz, Donovan Baarda)

    * The --stats option no longer includes the (debug) malloc summary
      unless the verbose option was specified at least twice.

    * Added a new error/warning code for when files vanish from the
      sending side.  Made vanished source files not interfere with the
      file-deletion pass when --delete-after was specified.

    * Various trailing-info sections are now preceded by a newline.


    * Fixed several exclude/include matching bugs when using wild-cards.
      This has a several user-visible effects, all of which make the
      matching more consistent and intuitive.  This should hopefully not
      cause anyone problems since it makes the matching work more like
      what people are expecting. (Wayne Davison)

      - A pattern with a "**" no longer causes a "*" to match slashes.
        For example, with "/*/foo/**", "foo" must be 2 levels deep.

      - "**/foo" now matches at the base of the transfer (i.e. /foo).

      - An non-anchored wildcard term floats to match beyond the base of
        the transfer.  E.g. "CVS/R*" matches at the end of the path,
        just like the non-wildcard term "CVS/Root" does.

      - Including a "**" in the match term causes it to be matched
        against the entire path, not just the name portion, even if
        there aren't any interior slashes in the term.  E.g. "foo**bar"
        would exclude "/path/foo-bar" (just like before) as well as
        "/foo-path/baz-bar" (unlike before).

    * The exclude list specified in the daemon's config file is now
      properly applied to the pulled items no matter how deep the
      user's file-args are in the source tree.  (Wayne Davison)

    * For protocol version >= 27, mdfour_tail() is called when the
      block size (including checksum_seed) is a multiple of 64.
      Previously it was not called, giving the wrong MD4 checksum.
      (Craig Barratt)

    * For protocol version >= 27, a 64 bit bit counter is used in
      mdfour.c as required by the RFC.  Previously only a 32 bit bit
      counter was used, causing incorrect MD4 file checksums for
      file sizes >= 512MB - 4.  (Craig Barratt)

    * Fixed a crash bug when interacting with older rsync versions and
      multiple files of the same name are destined for the same dir.
      (Wayne Davison)

    * Keep tmp names from overflowing MAXPATHLEN.

    * Make --link-dest honor the absence of -p, -o, and -g.

    * Made rsync treat a trailing slash in the destination in a more
      consistent manner.

    * Fixed file I/O error detection.  (John Van Essen)

    * Fixed bogus "malformed address {hostname}" message in rsyncd log
      when checking IP address against hostnames from "hosts allow"
      and "hosts deny" parameters in config file.

    * Print heap statistics when verbose >= 2 instead of when >= 1.

    * Fixed a compression (-z) bug when syncing a mostly-matching file
      that contains already-compressed data.  (Yasuoka Masahiko and
      Wayne Davison)

    * Fixed a bug in the --backup code that could cause deleted files
      to not get backed up.

    * When the backup code makes new directories, create them with mode
      0700 instead of 0755 (since the directory permissions in the
      backup tree are not yet copied from the main tree).

    * Call setgroups() in a more portable manner.

    * Improved file-related error messages to better indicate exactly
      what pathname failed. (Wayne Davison)

    * Fixed some bugs in the handling of --delete and --exclude when
      using the --relative (-R) option. (Wayne Davison)

    * Fixed bug that prevented regular files from replacing
      special files and caused a directory in --link-dest or
      --compare-dest to block the creation of a file with the
      same path.  A directory still cannot be replaced by a
      regular file unless --delete specified.  (J.W. Schultz)

    * Detect and report when open or opendir succeed but read and
      readdir fail caused by network filesystems issues and truncated
      files.  (David Norwood, Michael Brown, J.W. Schultz)

    * Added a fix that should give ssh time to restore the tty settings
      if the user presses Ctrl-C at an ssh password prompt.


    * Eliminated vestigial support for old versions that we stopped
      supporting. (J.W. Schultz)

    * Simplified some of the option-parsing code. (Wayne Davison)

    * Some cleanup made to the exclude code, as well as some new
      defines added to enhance readability. (Wayne Davison)

    * Changed the protocol-version code so that it can interact at a
      lower protocol level than the maximum supported by both sides.
      Added an undocumented option, --protocol=N, to force the value
      we advertise to the other side (primarily for testing purposes).
      (Wayne Davison)

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