[rsync-announce] rsync-2.5.5 released

rsync-announce-admin at lists.samba.org rsync-announce-admin at lists.samba.org
Tue Apr 2 12:25:10 EST 2002

A new version of rsync has been released.  Because this version fixes
an bug that broke rsync's delta-update capability we recommend that
users upgrade when convenient.

rsync 2.5.5 "Snowy River" (2 April 2002)


    * With --progress, when a transfer is complete show the time taken;
      otherwise show expected time to complete. (Cameron Simpson)

    * Make "make install-strip" works properly, and "make install"
      accepts a DESTDIR variable for help in building binary packages.
      (Peter Breitenlohner, Greg Louis)

    * If configured with --enable-maintainer-mode, then on receipt of
      a fatal signal rsync will try to open an xterm running gdb,
      similarly to Samba's "panic action" or GNOME's bug-buddy.
      (Martin Pool)


    * Fix situation where failure to fork (e.g. because out of process
      slots) would cause rsync to kill all processes owned by the
      current user.  Yes, really!  (Paul Haas, Martin Pool)

    * Fix test suite on Solaris.  (Jos Backus, Martin Pool)

    * Fix minor memory leak in socket code.  (Dave Dykstra, Martin

    * Fix --whole-file problem that caused it to be the default even
      for remote connections.  (Martin Pool, Frank Schulz)

    * Work around bug in Mac OS X mkdir(2), which cannot handle
      trailing slashes.
      (Martin Pool)

    * Improved network error handling.  (Greg A. Woods)

rsync source code can be downloaded from


and numerous mirror sites.

GPG detached signature files are present on the server for all new
versions.  To be sure of the origin of a package before installation,
please run the command

  gpg --verify rsync-2.5.5.tar.gz.sig

in the directory containing both the .tar.gz and signature files.


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