[clug] Kossel 3D delta printer to good home

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Oct 24 01:46:42 UTC 2023

Hi all,

I have an old Kossel 3D delta printer that I'm wanting to sell cheap.  It's hand built from parts from an old DeltaPrintr, Kossel parts printed for me by a friend, and other parts I bought new for the project, running from a RAMPS board and using an IR Z sensor.  It's got a print space of about 120mm diameter and up to 25cm high.

The reason I'm selling cheap or giving it away is because it's somewhat temperamental.  I've been unable to get it to do automatic bed levelling so it's tricky to get it to print things larger than about 5cm diameter.  It probably suits someone who already has a printer like this and needs some spare parts, or can use the parts for other projects, or loves Kossels and delta printers already and wants to fix it up.

I'm prepared to sell the whole thing for $200.  For that you get the whole printer and my full box of parts - a spare RAMPS board, some fibreglass rods for the arm upgrade I planned to do, and a range of other bits and pieces I no longer need.  I'm prepared to pull it apart for parts and sell those individually but I'd really rather not.

Please reply directly to paulway at mabula.net if you're interested :-)

I'm now using a Prusa Mk4 and it is a much nicer printer.

Thanks in advance,


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