[clug] Bob Metcalfe wins ACM Turing Award for Ethernet

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50 Years Later, Creator of Ethernet Wins Computing's Top Prize
	The network technology first linked the computers of schools and offices. Now it connects us all to the internet.


Bob Metcalfe ’69 wins $1 million Turing Award
	CSAIL research affiliate and MIT Corporation life member emeritus
	is honored with the “Nobel Prize of computing” for Ethernet invention.

	“Ethernet is the foundational technology of the internet, which supports more than 5 billion users and enables much of modern life,” says Jeff Dean, 
		Google Senior Fellow and senior vice president of Google Research and AI, in the official ACM announcement. 

	“Today, with an estimated 7 billion ports around the globe, Ethernet is so ubiquitous that we take it for granted. 
	However, it's easy to forget that our interconnected world would not be the same without Bob Metcalfe's invention 
	and his enduring vision that every computer must be networked.”

	Past Turing Award recipients who have taught at MIT include 
		Sir Tim Berners-Lee (2017), 
		Michael Stonebraker (2014), 
		Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali (2013), 
		Barbara Liskov (2008), 
		Ronald Rivest (2002), 
		Butler Lampson (1992), 
		Fernando Corbato (1990), 
		John McCarthy (1971) and 
		Marvin Minsky (1969).

	Metcalfe will be formally presented with the A.M. Turing Award at the annual ACM Awards Banquet, held this year on June 10 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.


The birth and rise of Ethernet: A history
	Today, no company would consider using anything except Ethernet for its wired local-area network. 
	But it wasn't always that way. 
	Steven Vaughan-Nichols tracks the history of Ethernet, 
	and its once-upon-a-time networking protocol competitors.

	In the early '80s, Ethernet faced serious competition from two other networking technologies: 
		token bus, championed by General Motors for factory networking, and 
		IBM's far more popular Token Ring, IEEE 802.5.


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