[clug] Open Source Institute (OpenSI) @ UC, funded by Instacluster

Yuchen Pei id at ypei.org
Tue Aug 15 14:08:01 UTC 2023

Thanks for the link.

So 900k from NetApp/Instaclustr, 900k from University of Canberra (a
public research university), and 500k from the ACT government, but the
projects "will be aligned with the interests of Instaclustr and NetApp".
So the companies will probably benefit from this arrangement, but how
about the public?

Also I wonder what "ownership" means in the following paragraph. Is it
simply the copyright holder of free software code contribution?

> While research undertaken at the University of Canberra is owned by
> the university, deputy vice-chancellor for research and enterprise
> Professor Lucy Johnston said that ownership arrangements would be more
> flexible under the partnership, as with the university’s other
> industry partnerships.


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