[clug] Vale Bram Moolenaar, 'vim' author

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 06:33:38 UTC 2023

It was indeed a shock to wake this morning to the news that Bram Moolenaar
had died, and at an age that as old as I am, I now consider ‘young’.

He was certainly a person whose individual efforts have had a very wide
reaching effect. I suspect that many people know his name without realising
that they do, just because of the number of times they’ve seen it when
starting up vim.

I decided years ago to land on the vi/vim side of the text editor debate,
mainly because I can be virtually certain that any random Linux machine
that I need to log in to, will have vi or vim installed and ready to go. In
most cases, if vi is present, it’s just a symlink to vim anyway.

I’m far from being a vim expert, but I do love the way that its modal
operation treats text as something to be crafted with a keyboard.

Vale Bram Moolenaar indeed.




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