[clug] Ubuntu - feeling UN-updated

Peter Ellis vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Sat May 7 07:33:01 UTC 2022

Hi, all,

Firstly, I am feeling somewhat frustrated about one machine:
1. that will diligently go and seek updates, but NOT see Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
"Jammy", and I can't seem to convince it;
2. that *meets* the 22.04 spec (inc RAM);
3. that has an AMD 64bit processor, 4 threads;

So, what can I do to get [Ubuntu] Linux to update, please?

Secondly, another strategy is to download a new ISO and put it on a USB,
and clean-reinstall from that.
But, why do that when the system should do it for me?

Thirdly, what ISO can I use to be generic? (AMD / Intel / etc)


feeling only slightly overwhelmed.

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