[clug] Ubuntu issues

Rodney Peters rodneyp at iinet.net.au
Tue Feb 8 04:41:48 UTC 2022

USB sticks are not particularly robust.  A fresh stick would be one option.

Various tools have differing success in making ISO bootable on a USB 
stick.  I've switched to Ventoy - https://ventoy.net.  It's proven with 
hundreds of distro and I've yet to find one it can't boot successfully.  
It's also multi-boot - so one, quality 32 GB stick can hold many distro.


On 08/02/2022 14:47, Peter Ellis via linux wrote:
> Going on...
>  From what I've been able to find, a "live USB" with GParted is probably one
> answer, and wipe out the various partitions.
> Also, I should have said that the machine has two screens, and since this
> issue arose, only one screen is recognised (illuminates).
> But, mainly the no-wifi is the issue; its practical uses have diminished
> without that link to the WWW. (Yes, it's an old-ish wifi card, but it has
> worked until recently, and I've added another wifi card, and neither is
> being recognised.)
> Thanks,
> Peter
> On Mon, 7 Feb 2022 at 19:34, Peter Ellis <vk1pe.peter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I seem to have an issue with a machine here, with Ubuntu installed.
>> It has forgotten how to find the wifi card, and will not boot from a USB
>> Ubuntu 21.10 that has been fine, before; it "sticks" before getting into
>> the live version from the USB.
>> I've checked, and the BIOS is pointed at the USB in every way I can find.
>> So, I feel that I can get past this by "uninstalling" or "spiking" the
>> onboard Ubuntu, and going in on a seemingly clean disk that will not be
>> interfering with the USB version.
>> Suggestions, please?
>> How do I "spike" or disable the disk version of Ubuntu?
>> Thanks,
>> Peter

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