[clug] The Search for an ISP

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon Apr 11 10:34:57 UTC 2022

Thanks for all the replies. Seem the answer is Aussie Broadband.


On 8/4/22 13:36, jm via linux wrote:
> Looking to change ISP and am wondering what are the current 
> recommendations of ISPs worth considering? The requirements are a 
> landline that's not used for making calls. I'm keeping this for the 
> moment as I've had this number for several decades and have no idea 
> who has the number. I still do some WFH and have video calls. Watch 
> streaming services, but only in standard definition (too stingy to pay 
> for anything higher). Not running any servers at home currently. Don't 
> want bill shock or to get shaped just when I need it most so unlimited 
> data is preferred. Don't need hand holding on the set up, but if I 
> have a problem I want to be able to speak to a human to find out what 
> the issue is.
> Thought? recommendations? Those to avoid? Experiences, good or bad?
> Jeff.

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