[clug] The Search for an ISP

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Fri Apr 8 03:36:12 UTC 2022

Looking to change ISP and am wondering what are the current 
recommendations of ISPs worth considering? The requirements are a 
landline that's not used for making calls. I'm keeping this for the 
moment as I've had this number for several decades and have no idea who 
has the number. I still do some WFH and have video calls. Watch 
streaming services, but only in standard definition (too stingy to pay 
for anything higher). Not running any servers at home currently. Don't 
want bill shock or to get shaped just when I need it most so unlimited 
data is preferred. Don't need hand holding on the set up, but if I have 
a problem I want to be able to speak to a human to find out what the 
issue is.

Thought? recommendations? Those to avoid? Experiences, good or bad?


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