[clug] Local hosting providers for either SSH Tunnel or "Reverse VPN"

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Wed Jul 28 04:36:59 UTC 2021

What about Cloud Flare's Argo Tunnel

Not sure but if you create an account you may be able to create a static
host name. There may be similar products from other companies. This is
just the one I know of.


On 28/7/21 11:39, steve jenkin via linux wrote:
> I’d like to experiment with a publicly accessible website to control a local device with either a Raspberry Pi or Arduino micro-controller.
> This is easy using an SSH tunnel to map a port on a remote host in the cloud - but I’ve no idea if cheap hosting services support SSH & tunnels this way.
> Digital Pacific mention SSH tunnels, but in the context of locally accessing a MySQL database on their host.
> Alternatively, it seems the right term is “Reverse VPN”, but I’ve no idea of what (cheap) hosting plans support this.
> A full-blown Linux VPS is more than I want to step-up to just now. However, if that’s the answer, got to go there.
> I’m not a fan of domestic Firewalls running a DMZ or setting up ‘pinholes’ to local hosts.
> Residential ISP plans don’t include fixed, public IP numbers - they’re sold in “business” plans at a premium price.
> Jaycar had a project suggestion for a WiFi-linked controller, but only accessible over the local IP network.
> It’d be more usable to have such a controller accessible ‘from anywhere’, with proper security controls and authentication.
> 	<https://www.jaycar.com.au/wifi-relay-controller>
> If anyone has links to existing projects of this “relays controlled over the Internet”, please send those.
> It’s hard to guess the critical search terms without already knowing them :(
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