[clug] hostname problem

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 21:47:24 UTC 2021

/etc/hostname and /etc/hosts

are only for applications that run locally.  To access or see the hostname from outside the machine you need a DNS entry in a DNS 
server.  If your router holds a DHCP server it may have gotten the hostname during a startup negotiation or some other one-off 
mechanism.  The local hostname is local only, it's not meant to be propagated outside the host, that's what DNS is for, (except, of 
course in a windows domain where there is a secure mechanism for a host to set its own DNS entry).

If you want to see your host's DNS name from your local network local network, your router may have a DNS server of some sort in it, 
or you might be able to install one in the pi-hole or perhaps a SAMBA server might emulate that function of a windows domain server.


On 2021/01/27 12:09 am, Adrian Blake via linux wrote:
> Hi,
> I used a default hostname when I setup my Ubuntu 20.04.
> I now appears to have changed but only as my router see it and my pi-hole
> see it. It has the name " ESP_9250A6 ".  I changed the hostname on my
> machine but my router and pi-hole still see "ESP-9250A6" .
> Why would this be so?
> Adrian

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