[clug] Random links to ARM / R-Pi hosting services. Are there better ones?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Sep 27 06:50:31 UTC 2020


	1. Does anyone on list use an ARM / R-Pi hosting service?
		Can you suggest better hosting services?

	2. Is there any Australian R-Pi / ARM hosting service?



First links aren’t for hosting but something I’d expect to start seeing with NAS's

LinStor - native integration to Kubernetes, LINSTOR® makes building, running, and controlling block storage simple. 
	- this is for your own environment, not a hosting service
	- DRDB - H/A sharing of block level devices across multiple machines
	- this looks simple enough for NAS providers to start deploying.

Not a hosting solution, but the story of R-Pi foundation self-hosting the R-Pi website with Pi-4’s on their launch.
Interesting technical point - use PoE + powered switch. Obviously no direct attached anything. A waste of all those USB & GPU resources.

Website hosting on Raspberry Pi 4 with Mythic Beasts
	Netboot means that we just build large enclosures of 108 Raspberry Pis and seal them in,
	 as they will never require physical attention.
	If one fails — and we’ve not yet seen one fail — we can shut it down and take it out of our database.

Mythic Beasts
	Started in 2000 by a group of Oxford and Cambridge University graduates 
	who were dissatisfied customers of other shared hosting provider
	s it began offering shell accounts on a single shared host as a hobby project.

 £12.25 / month for 250GB of storage [on NAS] 4GB Pi 4

	Our servers netboot onto an NFS root file system. 
	This approach has a number of benefits over using local flash storage on the Pi.

	Network storage avoids the reliability and performance issues associated with flash storage, 
	and gives us greater flexibility over the size of storage available. 

	Use of netboot also makes it impossible to “brick” the server:
		if you make the server unbootable, we can recover it by booting to a rescue image.

	Please note that we do not take backups of the Raspberry Pi filesystems.
	If you require backups, please contact support for details of our backup services.

	miniNodes offers hosted Arm micro servers, Arm AI Servers in the cloud, and custom hardware
	 that allow you to get up and running on Arm quickly, 
	scale your applications and workloads, and ensure software stacks run on Arm servers.

Raspberry Pi hosting - in Czech Republic
	- dual power feed, allowed small USB memory stick
	- also have Banana Pi


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