[clug] Watercooler - was Open Source Developers in CBR

Brenton Ross rossb at fwi.net.au
Sun Sep 6 07:26:46 UTC 2020

Thought I might kick this thread off.

I am currently working on a C++ wrapper for a C RDF library.

I have a very large project in mind, one that has many different
components. The details are a story for another day, but at the bottom
of the stack is RDF. My preferred language for the project is C++ for
its combination of speed and ability to model objects which are my
preferred way to solve programming problems.

I intend to use as many third party open source components as I can for
the project, mostly just to save my time. I could not find a C++
library for RDF, just the Redland C library. I did find a C++ project
that was attempting to create a wrapper for Redland but it was looking
a bit abandoned and had some problems.

Hence my first sub-project is to build a C++ wrapper for the Redland C
library. I started with the source from the existing project, but ended
just keeping one of its core design features and rewriting most of it
using C++ features that are more recent than what the original author

Since a database is a really boring object I am also building a GUI
program that I use to try out its functionality.



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