[clug] DevOps Role

Steve McInerney steve at mcinerney.email
Thu May 21 07:16:49 UTC 2020

 From my observations, advertised salary bands are rare.
You can sometimes get banding from the intermediate recruiter, if such 
exists. or just be blunt and ask up front.

Otherwise, it's the normal: I am worth at least $X + 10%, shall we 

Ugh. Topgrading. ie. we only Hire "A Grade Players". hahahahaha
"We are looking for the best of the best" - Clearly no ambition. Should 
be looking for the best of the best of the best, with honours.


On 2020-05-21 16:31, Mike Carden via linux wrote:
> Hi Jeff.
> I clicked the link out of curiosity because I think I'd heard of 
> Reposit
> Power before. I usually avoid *anything* tainted by linkedin.
> Looks like it's no longer a thing... "No longer accepting applications" 
> ,
> but...
> Is it usual for Job ads on linkedin to give no hint of salary? I 
> haven't
> job hunted for a few years, but I seem to recall that some hint of 
> expected
> remuneration used to be a thing.
> --
> MC

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