[clug] vim search: two blanks NOT at the start of a line

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun May 3 05:05:37 UTC 2020

Useful tidbit for text cleanup: where have I stuttered blanks, but ignore indenting:
[pattern enclosed in ‘ quotes to expose spaces]

	'/\S\s*\zs  ‘

I also use this pattern to find where sentences might end (any punctuation mark followed by a blank char):

	'/[[:punct:]] ‘

I didn’t know how exclude commas from the list of punctuation marks:

	'/[[:punct:]]\&[^,] '

With all the backslash terms (eg \S), there’s probably already a predefined special term for “end of sentence”,
just as I can jump between paras in visual mode (old ‘vi’ style).


Pattern match not at beginning of line

How to use Intersection, union and subtraction in Vim regular expression character class

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