[clug] February 2020 CLUG Meeting

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri Feb 28 02:54:21 UTC 2020

On 27/2/20 9:13 am, Steve Walsh via linux wrote:
> Hi Folks
> On 23/2/20 9:30 am, Steve Walsh via linux wrote:
>> Title:        Linux.conf.au 2020 wrap up
>> 	       Anyone who went
>>   Abstract:     Linux.conf.au (or LCA) was held on the Gold Coast from
>>                 13th to 17th January. Keynotes were from Sean Brady, Donna
>>                 Benjamin, A/Prof Vanessa Teague and Lizzie O'Shea.
>>                 If you went, please come along so I'm not trying to remember
>>                 all the talks.
> I've had something come up, and won't be able to make tonight's meeting.
> Is there anyone else who went to LCA and was planning on attending
> tonight that can possibly take over, and sort out pizza, etc?
> thanks

For those who couldn't make it last night, we had three live bodies from
LCA2020 give reports and watched some of the talk videos:
  - Sean Brady's keynote
  - Anton's talk about OpenRISC CPUs on FPGAs
  - parts of a talk about theatre and gadgetry

All good fun - I want an extra few weeks in my life to watch and digest
the rest of those videos.

We also had a brief report from a member of the LCA2021 organising team
(Miles) and their efforts to make it happen here in Canberra (at ANU
Kambri, of all places...) next January.

Eyal was quite disappointed that we didn't make Pizza happen... (I was
a bit too, but maybe not so much).

Bob Edwards.

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