[clug] KDE desktop kinda freezing

Stephen Gibson Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au
Sat Feb 8 22:45:37 UTC 2020

I once experienced similar behaviour under gnome(? version)/Ubuntu 
(18.10/19.04?), and found forcing focus on an application using F10 (or 
other keyboard shortcuts), returned the mouse cursor focus. Ubuntu 19.10 
is fine.

Good luck.


On 9/2/20 12:11 am, Tony Lewis via linux wrote:
> I've been running the current Kubuntu version for the last few months, 
> and I find that every so often it freezes.  I'm trying to find out 
> what causes it and what I can do to fix it.
> The symptoms are:
>  * the mouse cursor moves freely, but no actions do anything to windows
>  * the keyboard does nothing
>  * the desktop doesn't change, including panels with clocks in it
>  * audio keeps playing (e.g. spotify)
>  * I cannot successfully save my Windows VM from the command line (more
>    below)
> I can switch to text consoles, log in and do stuff.  Nothing unusual 
> is showing up in htop (i.e. no excessive disk or CPU usage, no 
> excessive memory, no meaningful swapping).
> Things I've tried:
>  * killing processes like the obvious contenders (for me) of Firefox,
>    Thunderbird and VirtualBox
>  * killing and restarting plasmashell
>  * looking for other desktopy processes and killing them
>  * starting an xterm from the command line into the desktop -
>    'DISPLAY=:0.0 xterm' - from the command line it looks like it
>    starts, but no change to the desktop
> The worst part of this is any loss of documents in my work Windows VM, 
> where I am not diligent in saving documents sometimes.  I try the 
> 'savestate' command, which works under normal circumstances, but under 
> this frozen desktop scenario, it doesn't complete; it freezes up 
> somewhere between 90 and 100% even if I leave it for hours.
> Eventually I have to pretty much just restart.
> What can I do to try and debug?
> Tony

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