[clug] Open Source Developers in CBR & region and LCA 2021

Brenton Ross rossb at fwi.net.au
Sun Aug 30 05:47:13 UTC 2020

It would seem that the main aim is for some social interaction. I know
I miss the monthly CLUG meetings, so I understand.

However, I am not sure about group meetings in the current situation.
Many of us are in the age group most at risk from the virus and might
be unwilling to attend.

While we are all hoping for a vaccine to be available soon, I think we
may have long wait until personal social interactions that we have
become accustomed to return. Even when there is a vaccine there are
still a lot cases where "in person" interactions are difficult.

Maybe a group with a lot of IT skills could come up with a solution ;)

Perhaps we can start by turning this email group into a "watercooler"
by encouraging people to just start threads on whatever FOSS projects
they are working on. Don't just wait until you have a problem to start
a thread.  What does the group think of this idea ?

Other things floating around in my mind include video [preferably peer
to peer], chat, and maybe telepresence.


On Sun, 2020-08-30 at 11:05 +1000, steve jenkin wrote:
> > On 30 Aug 2020, at 00:05, Brenton Ross <rossb at fwi.net.au> wrote:
> > 
> > I suspect my problem is that you have not nominated an objective
> > for this event.
> > What would its purpose be ?
> Brenton,
> Thanks for the reply, good question. Hadn’t thought that through.
> 1. Replace LCA with a local physical meeting, scaled down to a day
> and 6-8 speakers.
> 	Why? Something for people to look forward, provide a forum to
> interact with peers.
> 2. Potentially provide a group venue to watch LCA streamed events
> live, then socialise.
> 	I think just one or two days, not across the full LCA
> programme. 
> 	It won’t be as interesting or rewarding as attending the big
> conference for a full week.
> 3. Provide a local Open Source event that includes sessions for the
> general public.
> 	- could run a small tutorial on building and using a Raspberry
> Pi
> 	- ditto for Arduino
> 	- not sure if it’s necessary these days to show people how to
> install Ubuntu / Fedora on an old PC
> Alastair D’Silva did a workshop for Arduino in 2019
> <https://lca2019.linux.org.au/schedule/presentation/132/>
> cheers
> steve
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