[clug] ABC iview

Adrian Blake adrian.blake at ieee.org
Sun Aug 9 17:09:50 UTC 2020

Not specifically linux related but .... Because I am in Estonia at the
moment I use nordvpn to access our ABC 's iview. It works but performance
is poor, slow. The feed stops and starts often at less than 30 second
intervals. Viewing SBS is ok, not perfect but  1or 2 pauses per hour.
I have tried stopping and starting nordvpn and sometimes that helps, at
least for a while. Restarting the computer, Ubuntu latest, will help for a
while ... 10 minutes.
Of course it is most likely related to iview. Has anyone else experienced
this difficulty and has a solution.

Adrian Blake, VK2ALF
101 Mulach St
Cooma, NSW, 2630
Mobile +61 407232978

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