[clug] 'Tracetogether' App - First Dog suggests 'publishing' source might not be enough

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> Anyway, to get back to the topic, no government is going to get my location, or any other, data via the Tractetogether app. If it becomes legislation and it's enforced then I'll switch off my mobile phone until the covid-19 pandemic is over. Too many people give up their privacy just for the convenience of accessing social media and other stupid apps. They say that they have nothing to hide, but it's the principle that matters and that attitude makes it even more difficult for we who are concerned about privacy.

You, like everybody else, don't have an absolute right to privacy if you have a
contagious and deadly disease. If you come into contact with someone who
has Covid-19 and are now a potential carrier, you don't have the right to hide
this from anyone else who you might contact in the future. If this tracing app
becomes the standard way to control infection, then you are risking not just
your own life but those of other people.

I'm not saying a tracing app is necessarily the ideal solution. See the link to
Ross Anderson I posted earlier. But pretending this is just another ploy by
social media companies to capture our data is ridiculous.

Here's Maciej Cegłowski on tracing apps vs privacy:



        Hugh Fisher

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