[clug] [OT] Desks Available (was. Cut file into chunks)

Miller-Kelly, Cody cody at themiller.co
Wed Sep 18 05:10:52 UTC 2019

I know it's a bit OT.

But at my work we have two desks available for casual use, similar to
renting a desk from Wotso etc, via prior arrangement for you to work from,
upload/download files (we have a gig connection and NBN connections
available for non-exclusive or exclusive use, just tell us and we'll
arrange it), or to come and chat. We even have some NUC PC's that you can
load $os onto and use. Or use the previously loaded $os.

We have a kitchen with coffee machine etc.

Completely free, we are in Phillip. Get in touch if anyone needs these
facilities, again, free, something we do for customers, and non-customers


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