[clug] Cut a file in place.

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 04:59:53 UTC 2019

> > Further context...  28Gb .tar.gz file, 16Gb left on my laptop, had to get said
> > 28Gb file to a colleague in Canada. No chance of using SSH/Rsync.
> So what are you uploading to?  How are you uploading?

To a web browser based upload interface, their web interface. Only one
option. The data is PII, I'm not putting it anywhere else, even if

> If you only wanted particular-sized chunks of the archive, you could simply
> used dd with skip, block size and count, e.g.:
> dd if=archive.tar.gz bs=1G skip=1 count=1 | curl -d @-
> https://example.net/upload/split-ab.tar.gz

Can't use curl. OK, plausibly I could if I figured out how the Shib
Authed website does tokens but that seems like "hard basket".

> Or create a torrent file of the entire archive using a public tracker, then
> send him the torrent file, run a torrent client to seed it, and get them to
> run a torrent client to download it.



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