[clug] Gnome - Why? just Why?

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun May 26 03:57:51 UTC 2019

Hi to anyone bothers to read this,

First: Thanks Dale, the Infrastructure Coders (infracoders) talk this
coming week on Kubernetes sounds interesting.

Can someone tell me the reason why the Tray Icons were removed from
Gnome ?  WHY?

Why does selecting another instance of a program from the Activities
quick launch list, only open the currently running instance. I have
learned that I need to Right-Click the applications Icon to open a new
Instance, but what is the reasoning behind this behavior? OH, is it
because there is no Task Bar to select it from?

Gnome ???  Its UI Design leave me pondering, "why ?".  I am
definitely an old style Windowed User Environment user, I miss
Applications menus, Tray Icons, Task Bar as my working habits are that
I extensively use the mouse for controlling/selecting applications. So
far I have added these three MISSING items using Extensions, but then
I ask myself, why bother using Gnome, if I am just turning it into
Cinnamon/Mate/Xfce ?

I guessing that the reason the above Windowed UI items are missing is
that Gnome is geared toward Tablets PCs and Smart Phones which cannot
make use of mice, and hence Gnome' goal is to make the use of a mouse
as redundant as possible.

Which is crippling for me as I find the mouse the greatest method of
input for a GUI based Desktop GUI computer. I find the memory load of
using keyboard shortcuts and remembering application names too great
in comparison to the ease of use of 'mice and men[us]'. 

Well I continue and have continued my efforts into using Gnome in
Debian Buster (which includes Wayland).

A note on my previous issues with Nvidia graphic cards.Using Nvidia
GeForce 710 Gnome on Wayland appeared to work well with nouveau
drivers however using a Nvidia GeForce 1050 or 1070 with nouveau
drivers, gnome-shell showed obvious performance lag (i.e. using too
much CPU cycles).  Installing Nvidia's own proprietary fixed this

The Steam game Ark Survival Evolved appears to be working in Gnome
when running in a Window. I will post back after further testing.

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