[clug] gnome-shell comsuming 80% to 100% CPU

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Mon May 20 20:46:45 UTC 2019

In Tweaks' Extensions I have just discovered "Window list" and
"Applications menu", wow - I like, particularly the "Applications
menu" extension. 


On Tuesday, 21-05-2019 at 00:34 George at Clug via linux wrote:

Using an even older PC, but with an AMD Rv635 video card, Gnome
worked very well, very little CPU resources were being used by

I wondered in Nouveau drivers were conflicting, so I swapped out the
AMD Rv635 for a Nvidia GeForce GT 720 and it Gnome is still
functioning correctly.

Not sure what happened to the original installation. It was using an
Nvidia GeForce 1050 which should have been even better. Maybe
something went wrong with the installation or the particular
combination of hardware that was in that PC.

Using Gnome
It seems strange not to have a taskbar, but putting my hand back on
the keyboard and using the Windows button seems to be the easiest way
to bring up "Activities", any other other than dragging the mouse to
the top left hand corner of the screen, and then back down the screen
to the desired running application? Are there other methods of
selecting a different running application (other than Alt-Tab) ?

I recall one thing many people disliked about Windows 8/8.1 was the
multiple screen fulls of application icons. But it is even worse in
Gnome, I already have three screen pages of unrelated applications
(related/displayed only by name order). I guess I am still in the
habit of selecting the required program via sub menus, e.g. selecting
the "Internet" menu option then selecting the program that I was
looking for. For programs I use frequently, I add to the main menu
list (before the sub menus). I can fit more word based menu items into
a menu list than icons in an icon based quick launch list (as used by

The "Store" like Software application has me a bit unnerved. Before
using it for the first time it had the words "Lets go shopping", what
is that "shopping" about?

Other than the above, Gnome has a nice, polished feel to it. The
"Settings" options seem to be very well thought out.

If there are any people out there who really like Gnome, what is it
about Gnome that you like?  What do you think would convince me to
use Gnome over another GUI ?

I first started using Text based program menus back with PC Tools in
the mid to late 1980's, I have found them to be very efficient and
effective for finding and selecting a program that I want to use.
Later we fell into the "dark ages" with Windows 286, Windows
3/3.1/3.11 icon based menus, and returned to enlightenment with
Windows 95 and on until Windows 8 took us back the "dark ages", at
least that is how I feel about it.

When looking for a program, I may or may not know its name, I may have
forgotten its name, or I may simple want to bring up a list, for
example of graphic programs and then from that list decide which one
might best do the task that I want to achieve today.

How can Gnome be easier for selecting an application, than from a menu
list that has sub menus of programs by program type ? 

I am trying to grasp why Gnome goes for one big group of
alphabetically sorted icons that goes over several screens?  What is
the thinking behind this approach? There are programs listed that I
don't even know what they are used for, at least when in sub menus by
category, it narrows down what type of program they might be.


On Thursday, 16-05-2019 at 09:34 Kim Holburn via linux wrote:

I had this happen.  I googled it and found a couple of solutions.


The one that helped me was :

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

> On 2019/May/15, at 10:52 pm, George at Clug via linux 
*  wrote:
> Hi,
> Thought I would give Gnome a try but after new installation I found
> that gnome-shell is comsuming 80% to 100% CPU. Mouse hardly moving
> across the screen.
> I dislike Gnome, maybe it knows?
> Seriously, does anyone know of a issue with Gnome that could be
> causing it to be consuming way too much CPU resources?
> I did an Internet search, and there are a few reports, but no usable
> answers found so far.
> I am using an old quad core intel PC with an Nvidia 1050 GPU, 8 GB
> 240GB HDD. Brand new Debian Buster installation, I have not changed
> any settings or software. 
> While the PC is old, it can run Ark Survival Evolved under Windows
> without much issue (nb: Ark Survival Evolved can stress even
> PCs).
> If it is still an issue in the morning, I will install Xfce, my
> preferred GUI.  At least it works, and fast.
> George.
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