[clug] 'dd' command detecting EOF: an example script

Luke Mewburn lukem-clug at mewburn.net
Thu May 16 06:36:23 UTC 2019

On 19-05-15 09:43, steve jenkin via linux wrote:
  | I’d like to run a command on each 32k block of a file, the only way
  | I could think of, without writing some code, was to use ‘dd’.
  | [Saw this done once to break a tar file into pieces to fit on floppy
  | disks. Hadn’t remembered how the loop terminated.]
  | If anyone has a better, or newer, way to do this, I’d appreciate
  | suggestions.

I'd have written some python, reading the file with fp.read(32768),
process with subprocess.Popen([cmdargv,], ...).

I find it's more hassle than it's worth to write shell scripts
with reasonable error handling, especially dealing with tool
differences across different platforms and versions.

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