[clug] gnome-shell comsuming 80% to 100% CPU

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Wed May 15 12:52:34 UTC 2019


Thought I would give Gnome a try but after new installation I found
that gnome-shell is comsuming 80% to 100% CPU. Mouse hardly moving
across the screen.

I dislike Gnome, maybe it knows?

Seriously, does anyone know of a issue with Gnome that could be
causing it to be consuming way too much CPU resources?

I did an Internet search, and there are a few reports, but no usable
answers found so far.

I am using an old quad core intel PC with an Nvidia 1050 GPU, 8 GB HD,
240GB HDD. Brand new Debian Buster installation, I have not changed
any settings or software. 

While the PC is old, it can run Ark Survival Evolved under Windows 10,
without much issue (nb: Ark Survival Evolved can stress even powerful

If it is still an issue in the morning, I will install Xfce, my
preferred GUI.  At least it works, and fast.


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