[clug] Installing CentOS 7 - crash when installing linux-firmware - fixed

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Mar 25 03:11:16 UTC 2019

On 25/3/19 9:01 am, Paul Wayper via linux wrote:
> My hypothesis is that the installation of the linux-firmware package was doing
> a CPU firmware upgrade at the same time, and this caused the package install
> to fail.  When CentOS 7 booted from the live DVD, it did the CPU firmware
> upgrade.  After that, either the CPU was in the correct state to install the
> linux-firmware package or the installation of the package did not also require
> the upgrading of the CPU firmware, so the package installed successfully.

Isn't this done via the microcode-ctl package building a new initrd to
upgrade the kernel at boot time? You can normally see if the microcode
was loaded successfully in the output of 'dmesg | grep microcode', which
doesn't return results until you install the microcode package.

According to the build logs for linux-firmware, it's mainly wifi and SAS
drivers and was last re-packaged/built on 18 Jan 2018-

My guess is the initrd on the live dvd is different from the initrd on
the installer, so perhaps unpack them and work out what the difference is.

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