[clug] Installing CentOS 7 - crash when installing linux-firmware - fixed

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Mar 24 22:01:00 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Passing this on for those people here that might find themselves in the same

I had to reinstall CentOS 7 on my home server, which runs on an AMD Ryzen 1500
processor.  I initially had lots of trouble with the install, which would
crash when installing the 'linux-firmware' package.  I tried using the same
installer on another motherboard with a AMD Phenom II CPU, but that failed at
the same point.  The installer checksums verified correctly so I did not
expect this to be caused by a failed package.

To get this working, I used the CentOS 7 x86_64 Live DVD image (again, on a
USB key) to boot the machine.  GNOME started correctly and I was then able to
then install CentOS 7 on the system.  This worked on both the AMD Phenom II
and the AMD Ryzen 1500.

My hypothesis is that the installation of the linux-firmware package was doing
a CPU firmware upgrade at the same time, and this caused the package install
to fail.  When CentOS 7 booted from the live DVD, it did the CPU firmware
upgrade.  After that, either the CPU was in the correct state to install the
linux-firmware package or the installation of the package did not also require
the upgrading of the CPU firmware, so the package installed successfully.

Anyway, hope this helps,


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