[clug] June 2019 CLUG Meeting

Conrad Canterford conrad at watersprite.com.au
Sun Jun 30 11:41:08 UTC 2019

I have been a lurker here for some 23-ish years. CLUG is, and always has 
been, a technical users group. Sometimes people will run talks that 
assume no knowledge, but more often, talks will assume at least some 
knowledge. The presenters aim their talks at the people they think will 
benefit the most. It that means the audience need some relevant 
expertise to benefit, this is a technical group and that is exactly as 
it should be. If that is not what you want, that is YOUR problem, not 
anyone elses. I stopped attending talks a very long time ago because the 
vast majority of them were above my head and I had no interest in 
putting in the effort beforehand to get benefit from them. Despite that, 
I have not, and will not ever, complain that CLUG or individual 
presenters are not doing what they should. If you feel strongly that 
talks aimed at less-technical people is an area that is lacking, engage 
with the spirit of the free software movement. Stop whining, educate 
yourself, and start presenting talks aimed at people who would benefit 
from your expertise. Maybe PCUG would welcome more Linux content aimed 
at less technical users? Help bridge that gap, since you seem to think 
it is relevant.

You haven't paid any membership fees (at least, I assume this is still 
true?), so you have essentially no right to complain about what is given 
to you for free. In any case, whatever you think about the service CLUG 
is providing you, you have absolutely no right to lampoon presenters 
who, as Bob reminded you, provide their time and skills free of charge 
to benefit the greater (technical) community. You personally didn't 
benefit? Fine - live with it, move on.


On 30/6/19 3:05 pm, Bryan Kilgallin via linux wrote:
> Of course, I appreciate Bob's comments:
>> Like [some/many] others on the CLUG list, my mailer is configured to
>> chuck Bryan's e-mails directly into the bin.
> At Beersig, I learned that the others were all too busy, to read the 
> mailing-list messages.
>> However, your response has intrigued me and so I went and took a look
>> at Bryan's so-called artwork page.
> At our March presentation, I asked who else could draw. No hands went up!
>> I enjoyed your talk and meeting you and do not, for one moment, agree
>> with what Bryan wrote on his personal page (I'll refrain from
>> commenting on his drawing on a public mailing list).
> If two people are in complete agreement, one of them is redundant!
>> Thanks for taking the time (your own, volunteered time) to present
>> this talk at CLUG which almost all the rest of us greatly enjoyed.
> PC Users Group refers to CLUG thus.
> {The “Advanced Linux Users Group” is another name for the Canberra Linux 
> Users Group (CLUG), which is an independent user group.}
> http://www.pcug.org.au/wp/member-services-2/special-interest-groups/related-group-activities/advanced-linux-clug/ 

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