[clug] Debian Buster release party anyone?

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Tue Jun 18 09:51:22 UTC 2019

Debian Buster release is an advent I am waiting for, and I was
hoping to make it for the Saturday night, but sadly I will be away
during that time.

I have been using Debian Buster RC1 for some time now on a number of
Linux machines, so I guess the only difference will be the release
will be production after the 6th ?


On Tuesday, 18-06-2019 at 12:17 Bob Edwards via linux wrote:

Hi all,

Debian Buster release parties are starting to be organised around the 
world for the long-awaited release of Debian Buster (10.0) on 6th

Should we humble Canberrans organise one? I propose Duxton's at around
6:30pm (it's a Saturday).


Bob Edwards.

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