[clug] Clonezilla - anyone had experience with it?

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Tue Jun 4 10:11:32 UTC 2019

On 4/6/19 6:52 pm, steve jenkin via linux wrote:
> I recently got to use Clonezilla and wondered how others found it.

I use it often for many years, both for DR backups and full system xfer. Also use it as a rescue boot.

> It comes as either a Ubuntu or Debian bootable image, running off a USB.
> Had some problems with booting on an old machine.
> It worked one day, but when I came back, the UEFI boot failed.
> An MBR boot version worked fine - but a lot of farnarkling finding a test rig and confirming it would work.

Never failed to boot, though I mostly boot from PXE, using a USB image when this is not available
(e.g. imaging the tftp server itself).

Naturally, booting the iso should the most straight forward method.

> On The Big Day, cloning an internal SATA disk to an external HDD in a USB-3 dock, it didn’t quite go smoothly.
> First attempt a week ago had stalled & was killed the next day…  The target 1TB disk was 200k too small as well :(
> This time round the first copy stalled as well.

Never had a stall, could there be a disk error?

> Second attempt got up and running at 9.5GB/min and stayed there, finished 1TB in under an hour.
> it eventually worked ‘like it said on the tin’. Happy with that.
> I’m left with many questions:
> 	- is this “copy stalls on a block, won’t proceed” a common thing? [uses partclone]
> 	- being a novice with it, I tried device-device copy 1s time and failed because 1TB disks are only same-same.
> 		- The ext2 source only had 650GB used. Any way to use another option to copy and resize down?

When the source is larger than the target I resize (shrink) the source to fit, always worked.

> 	- Stupidly didn’t copy the MBR boot loader (grub I presume) the second time.
> 		- two reboots and two runs of grub-install & it finally worked.
> 		- does the MBR copy “Just Work” - I’d had problems with the first stalled & aborted copy.
> What I’d really like to be able to do is take disk images of a set of 4-5 older Windows systems used for testing.
> Drives are ~150GB, so a modern ~$100 HDD would fit them all.

I do this, and also tested the restore which  worked fine. Except...
	windows/7 uses a partitioning method that clonezilla cannot restore to (though the backup works).
	In this case the disk needs to be partitioned in advance, and the partition images need to be renamed too.
	Just don't do W/7.

> Is this straight forward?
> Are there gotchas I need to be aware of, especially in rebuilding drives from images?

If you took a full image then a full restore should work.

Whatever you decide, verify that an image restore works to a fresh disk.

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