[clug] Using an RPi3 to drive a scanner

Brians brians at en.com.au
Mon Jun 3 19:12:21 UTC 2019


I have used the USB powered Canon LIDE 20 & LIDE 35 scanners directly 
off a raspberrypi (3B & 3B+) for a couple of years, no USB hub.

The LIDE 20 says 5V @500mA on the label. The LIDE 35 is in the U3A 
office, probably the same.

Both work well with "simple scan" that comes with Ubuntu Mate for 
raspberrypi or

install on raspberrian.

sudo apt-get install simple-scan

I now use the standard raspberrypi powersupply currently 2.5A but I 
think it worked OK with the 2A powersupply on the 3B.


On 03/06/19 22:50, Simon Oxwell via linux wrote:
> So,
> I've got this scanner. It's USB powered, and the docs say it's max power
> draw is 5W (which I'm assuming is 1A @ 5V)
> I'm looking to drive that with something tiny runnig SANE that I can bolt
> under the desk (I was a full-on Linux server, but it died and requirements
> have changed) so was looking at a Raspberry Pi 3. I've seen in a couple of
> places  that the USB line can provide 1.2A which is shared across the 4 USB
> ports. [1]
> Also based of [1] looks like I'd also need a 2.5A power supply to make the
> whole thing work.
> So, have a I got my sums right and more importantly, has anyone here tried
> it in practice?
> Simon
> [1] https://github.com/superjamie/lazyweb/wiki/Raspberry-Pi-Power

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