[clug] Touch Screen devices

jhock at iinet.net.au jhock at iinet.net.au
Sun Jun 2 23:07:11 UTC 2019

Hi George,

I'm using an HP Spectre 360 with Ubuntu 18 (whatever is the latest Long Term Support version). 

I'm not happy with the results. The touch screen mostly works but it's not really functional in tablet form. It just doesn't work as expected. I got fed up with it and now I mostly use it in laptop form with the keyboard.

I was hoping that Ubuntu would sort out the problem for me with the upgrade to version 18 but that didn't happen. I did an update on the weekend. I'll test it again to see if there are any improvements. 


On 2 June 2019 20:28:12 GMT+10:00, George at Clug via linux <linux at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>I would be curious to learn who is using Linux (not android) on Touch
>screen personal computer devices ?   And what GUI?
>I have an Atom processor based Windows 8 Tablet PC.   I find that
>Windows 8.0 and 8.1 work well on it, in usability terms. To my
>knowledge Microsoft is not continuing support for Atom processors, so
>at some point, I may want to install a Linux Touch screen GUI and/or
>distro on the Tablet PC. Other than an old Android phone, all my other
>devices and screens are non-touch.
>Touch screen devices that I am aware of are; Laptop, Tablet, and Smart
>Phone, of which I would call Laptops and Tablets as personal computer
>devices. Others may have their own definitions.

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