[clug] can upgrading ubuntu kill your bios?

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 22 00:48:12 UTC 2019


> Come Monday morning I wanted to 
> quickly do something on the laptop before I headed off for work,  so I 
> didn't have the power cord connected.

Haste kills projects!

> This is when the flashing 
> started.  Which I watched for a while then thought this will take some 
> time,  I left the laptop.  When I returned a few minutes later the 
> screen was blank, it was off, and all I could get it to do was turn on 
> the lights behind the keyboard on when the power button is pressed.  The 
> battery indicator also still works.  The battery was fully charged.  I 
> could imagine not having the power cord connect,  could have meant there 
> was not the correct voltage for the flashing?? Maybe without the cord 
> connected it timed out and shutdown?

Before lengthy procedures, I turn off power-saving. That is, blank 
screen and suspend. Which would be invoked on battery power.

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