[clug] February 2019 CLUG Meeting

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Mon Feb 25 04:32:19 UTC 2019

Thanks, Steve:

>   Date:          28th February 2019 (Fourth Thursday of the month)
>   =================================================
>   Time:         18:00 - end
>   Abstract:     It's BeerSIG time!
>                 'What's BeerSIG?' I hear you ask! BeerSIG is a social
>                 gathering, and an opportunity to get together with
>                 like minded people and share a social pint.
>                 With the Wig and Pen having closed in December, we're
>                 testing how well placed other venues nearby are, starting
> 	       with the Duxton at O'Connor shops.
>   Location:     The Duxton, McPherson St O'Connor (temporary location)
> 	       https://goo.gl/maps/ZZJaMfNNSfJ2
> 	       Look for the table with a stuffed toy penguin
>   =================================================
>   Time:          19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)
>   Title:	       linux.conf.au 2019 highlights
> 	       Anyone who went

I may be tired/late/absent after a pistol match.

>   March Meeting - 28th March 2019 (Fourth Thursday of the month)
>   Bryan Killigan will be taking us through the tools and software
>   he uses to convert his physical painting into digital artworks

Nowadays I use a Wacom Intuos graphics-tablet. Taking that and my laptop 
to art-classes.

The software I use with that, is MyPaint. So nowadays I draw directly 
from sight, creating an image-file on-site.

My previous-month's artworks are on my drawing page.

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