[clug] USB to RS232 DB9 Adapter

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Wed Aug 7 12:47:46 UTC 2019

Thanks, Steve:

>> I've installed DOSBox on my PC. And I've copied the Polar heart rate
>> analysis software to a directory that DOSBox sees as C: drive.
>> But the polar software expects COM1 or COM2. How can I get
>> /dev/ttyUSB0 to appear as COM1?
> DOSBox is more for old DOS games than running DOS programs, you might
> have more luck with DOSEmu.

Neither Ubuntu Software nor Synaptic Package Manager list that.

> A quick google for "DOSBOX Linux Serial" points me to
> https://www.scivision.dev/ubuntulinux-dosbox-setting-up-usb-to-serial-rs232-port-convertor/
> Which has some steps for you to try.
I've made the suggested tweaks.

The DOSBox config file has these sections:
	* sdl;
	* dosbox;
	* render;
	* cpu;
	* mixer;
	* midi;
	* sblaster;
	* gus;
	* speaker;
	* joystick;
	* serial;
	* dos;
	* ipx; and
	* autoexec.

I have posted a query on whether serial1 should be set to modem. Might I 
try some other serial setting tweak?

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