[clug] USB to RS232 DB9 Adapter

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Wed Aug 7 05:52:45 UTC 2019

So far so good, George:

> That is good news, maybe Bryan can get it to work?

I've used GtkTerm to send test text to my HP200LX DOS palmtop.

> "Thus I bought this converter." - Which converter are you using? Are
> you saying the XC4927 ?
> https://www.techbrands.com/store/category/529/product/xc4927.aspx
> https://www.jaycar.com.au/rs-232-db9m-to-usb-converter/p/XC4927

Yes, it's that from Jaycar. The cable is impractically short.

I've installed DOSBox on my PC. And I've copied the Polar heart rate 
analysis software to a directory that DOSBox sees as C: drive.

But the polar software expects COM1 or COM2. How can I get /dev/ttyUSB0 
to appear as COM1?

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