[clug] Linux Resources - Text editors

Brenton Ross rossb at fwi.net.au
Mon Aug 5 14:00:50 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2019-08-05 at 22:23 +1000, George at Clug via linux wrote:
> I guess the problem is that when using ssh to connect to a remote
> server, there are no GUI IDEs you can used to edit your files or
> code? Please let me know if there is a way to use a GUI IDE to
> files/code on a remote server via an ssh session?
There are programs like nano which should work fine over ssh and
provide a sort of GUI editing ability (for low values of "GUI").


> I need to learn Eclipse.
I have been using the C/C++ module of Eclipse (CDT) for one project,
and a set of terminals, some running vi, for another. I think Eclipse
is more trouble than its worth, but that will depend on what you are
using it for.  The main problem is that as soon as you move away from
the defaults you have to first find out what change to make, and then
find out how to do it in Eclipse.

For extra fun install Vrapper into Eclipse - then you can have vi
editing. [It is optional so you can switch it off for some editing
tasks and on for others.]



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