[clug] Traffic monitoring with Netflow

Alastair D'Silva alastair at d-silva.org
Mon Aug 5 03:19:18 UTC 2019

Hey folks,

I've been tinkering with Netflow to log traffic in & out of my home
network, and it looks like there ins't really good open source analysis
tools other than Ntopng:

Unfortunately, it can't ingest Netflow directly, but instead uses a
payware package (Nprobe) to encapsulate the information into JSON over

Since this is a fairly trivial format to work with, I submitted patches
to softflowd (https://github.com/irino/softflowd) to generate
compatible messages for ntopng, so now you can have a nice analyser
without any payware components.

Softflowd can be a bit of a CPU hog though, since it uses BPFs to snoop
on all the data for a particular interface. The next thing to do would
be to make use of the Netfilter connection tracking data to generate
message to ntopng. Here's a similar package that already generates
Netflow data from that, in case anyone wants to have a crack themselves
(I'm unlikely to get time to do it for a while):

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